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Jason has always had a love and appreciation of art in all forms which drives him to create in a variety of mediums. His early influences of abstract impressionism, classic renaissance illustrations, and the work of artists such as Dali, Van Gogh, and Picasso gave him a very broad perspective on what art could and should be. His passion and talent paid off in 2000 when he was offered an apprenticeship under a local tattoo artist in his hometown, learning the pop culture art of tattoos.

In 2009 Jason graduated from Nazareth College with a bachelor’s degree in science with a focus in fine arts. Using paint as his primary medium his studies culminated in a combination painting with a sculpture called Dante’s Journey, a sarcastic moralistic interpretation based on Dante's Inferno. During his final year at Nazareth he spent a month studying metalworking, art history, and illustration in the birthplace of classical art, Florence, Italy. To this day Jason continues to expand his horizons and push himself into new mediums. His current studies include ceramics, relief carving, and body painting. Jason also volunteers at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery and helps kids in the creative workshop. If that wasn't enough, Jason is also a musician fronting the local Rochester, NY band Setiva and writes and performs his own original acoustic music.

In 2017 Jason was voted Rochester's best local artist and was presented the WHEC Rochester Rocs Award. Click here to read more about the award and see an interview with Jason.

With all these creative outlets Jason travels the country tattooing, performing, and selling his art, trying to express the human condition. The struggle that happens on a day-to-day basis not to just survive in the world, but the struggles to survive and understand one’s mind.




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